Denali 1997

Installation made for School Show 2nd Edition in 2012

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Our memories play an important part in how we perceive ourselves and the world.
In 19977-98 I lived in Alaska for a year, as an exchange student. While I was there, I visited Denali National Park with my host family. This project is based on my memories of this trip, as well as my diary, my pictures and a few souvenirs.

The Installation is build like a simple reconstruction of my living room. one of the books on the table is filled with text, it is my memories, trying to recall our trip to Denali many years later, rewritten again and again. The other book is a scrapbook/diary, telling the story of the trip and the climb to the summit of Mt. Denali (also known as Mt. Mckinley). A slideshow is playing on the computer beside the books.