Performance and video



Peel Oranges and live better

Performance, 2011, duration: one hour. In collaboration with Inger Margrethe Hove Laustsen.

Created during performance workshop with Prinz Gholam, at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts.

At One point we were both eating an orange, and noticed how we did this very differently. This led to a discussion of what is considered normal or polite behavior, and how normal behavior can become abnormal or obsessive. It is not a question of right or wrong, rather an interest in reality as subjective.

Through the one hour of the performance, we would “live” in a pictogram of a home, slowly interacting in the given space, moving objects back and forth, between what each of us perceived as ideal. The objects dictating the subjects.

Copy Cats

Six small performative videos, 2011, in collaboration with Inger Margrethe Hove Laustsen.

Videostills from the six videos created during the CatWalk workshop, at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts.

The catwalk in fashion dictates focus; it communicates what clothes we should wear and how we should look. Models in the catwalk become icons, with the power to manipulate and dictate our behavior. We were interested in working with this focus on behavior, what is considered normal behavior, and when does normal become abnormal.

Taking the word literally, as a cat walking, we started looking into cat-behavior, focusing on comparing and seeing similarities with human behavior. This turned into six performative videos of varied lengths; blinking, staring, grooming, observing and relaxing. Dealing with behavior that in some forms might be considered normal, but taken to a subtle extreme which makes it abnormal.

Me, Myself or I


Two performative experiments