Up to Date With Illustration Friday


Up, Tea, Stomp, Heroic, Schoop, Punk, Snail, Umbrella, Hot, and Illustion

– Those are the topics I have missed since my last Illustration Friday Submission.

I will admit it, I have not kept up with my Illustration Friday submissions. These past couple of days, I have worked to make up for lost time. I have made the 10 illustrations that I was behind, and in doing that I have worked with my perfectionistic tendencies. I spend too much time trying to make things perfect, sometimes this is useful and result in very good end work, other times it stands in the way of actually getting things done. 

Pushing myself to challenge my perfectionism has resulted in these 10 illustrations, all done directly on the paper, with no pre-sketching, just and idea, then draw, and use the final result however it turns out. It has also resultet in the photographs of the drawings being less than perfect, as I have decided the focus in this particular task, is the illustrations themselves, and getting them uploaded quick and easy, rather than worrying about the quality of the image – I do that with plenty of other things. 

[foogallery id=”2772″]