Internet – Illustration Friday


Internet – Illustration Friday, my third submission in a row

My first thought was that this was a very complicated word to illustrate in an interesting way. All my initial ideas were very basic and uninventive. I am not saying that the illustration I ended up making is in anyway ingenues, but I am happy with the final result. I always find it difficult to start a new illustration when I know that it will be seen by other people, which is also a reason why I have decided to commit to these Illustration Friday weekly illustrations. I easily get nervous and insecure when I draw, which I guess is kind of silly, since I know I am good at it. But a long time ago, someone once commented on one of my drawings, that it was clearly made by a person with no talent for the art of drawing what so ever, sadly this comment has really made an impression on me, and it haunts me every time I try to draw, even though I know it is not true. Our words can really have an impact on other people, this is something I think we are to quick to forget, when we act on our impulses and say things we might not even really mean. 

Anyway, with time I am getting better at pushing other people negative words out of my head, I am getting better at focusing on what I like, what I feel like drawing, and listening to the positive comments from people rather than the negatives. This drawing started with the line drawing on the top part of the heart, with the initial thought of the internet being an infinite amount of small dots, all connected with thin lines. I thought I could somehow make the dots in the center form www, this of course would, in my opinion, be to simple and boring. The idea of making it into a heart, most likely came as a result of the book on Anatomic Drawing Techniques, that I am currently studying in an effort to improve my skills. 
The internet has come to play a central role in all areas of life, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to be in this world without using the internet. Its like breathing and eating, its a necessity of life, how else would I find my way around, read my mail, pay my bills, communicate with work, doctors, officials, and friends, it is in hour DNA and our blood. So www/ floating into our heart seemed like a proper way to illustrate internet, also I like to mix pen and watercolor.