Solo Photowalk in May


Solo Photowalk in May in my neighbourhood 

– Wiht obstructions 50mm f/2

When I set out on my solo photowalk around the neighbourhood, it wasn’t my intention to set any obstructions for my self. I just needed to be alone with my thoughts and my camera. Then after shooting the first three images, I was like, yeah, this is something interesting, why not make a small challenge for myself, and so I did. I was shooting with my lovely 50mm prime, and I had set the apperture at f/2, which proved to be quite a challenge on a windy day like that. 

I walked around my neighbourhood with my camera, and music in my ears, for at least a couple of hours. Walking around like that is therapeutic to me, alone in my bubble, focusing my eyes on the small details, the colours, and the shapes. Singing loud to the weird mix of my favourite music, I cal my Happy Playlist. Alaskan folksongs, Leonard Cohen, Jewel, and Danish pop music, mixed with Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach. 

When I walk around like this, trying to ignore and block out all life around me, I sometimes “wake up” and notice people looking at me, some smiling, some shaking their heads, often smiling at the same time. I realize that I am not the greatest singer, and I realize most people don’t sing along to the music on their headphones while in public, but singing makes me happy. When I walk around with my camera, taking pictures and listening to my favourite happy music like that, I just don’t care what people think, I am in my own little bubble, and all else just doesn’t matter. 

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