The Person


40 years of living, studying and traveling.


I have a High School Diploma from Stellar Alternative High in Anchorage, Alaska, as well as a Danish High School exam. I spent four of my primary school years at a Rudolf Steiner School, loving the creative approach to every subject, drawing illustrations to our own books. As I grew older I continued painting, drawing, sewing, and playing music, and those four years have definitely had a big influence on who I am today.

As an artist I am interested in the human body and how it feels to be a body in this world. I am interested in how our way of being in and seeing the world, influence each other. How body and mind are influenced by how we view the world and the people in it.
I am interested in the relationship between the subjective and the objective, reality as we see it and feel it, in relation to the objective reality, if such exists.