In a House in Toscane


A House in Toscane – what a wonderful place to be.

Just came home from a great holiday, a week in an old, beautiful house. A week with friends, food, wine, and sun – a week without TV, telephone and internet (almost, I mean, you can’t really live without internet these days, cheated a little with GPS and Instagram). Anyway, the point is, it was a great holiday, the food is amazing, the supermarkets are great and cheap, the landscape is beautiful, the wine is amazing, the people talk with the entire body, they have siesta, and they drive like crazy. I just love Toscane and I would pack up and move there tomorrow if my boyfriend had been up for it.

Only downside to the vacation was my choosing to bring my old small point-and-shoot camera (no checked-in luggage) instead of my lovely DSLR… I won’t make that mistake again. I still like most of the pictures I shoot, but the quality leaves something to be desired.

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